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Set your own Schedule:

Go online when it works for you because you are your own boss. And with Flexible Scheduling you can set your own support hours. Start and stop on your own time—because with HLPDSKS, you are in charge.


Work from home:

Provide remote support from the comforts of your home. No need to commute or hassle with traffic. Save money from the costs of commuting. Enjoy additional business tax benefits.


Make Money:

You can provide remote technical support anytime and earn as much as you want. The more you help people, the more you can make. In addition, you have the ability to create recurring business and access to additional residual Income opportunities. Plus, you’ll get paid weekly and your support fees get automatically deposited to your account.


All Inclusive Support platform:

Start providing support to your customers immediately with the HLPDSKS Support request platform.There’s no need to purchase any additional remote support tools. Convenient access to the HLPDSKS platform, Online or via the HLPDSKS Support app. And with the FREE HLPDSKS Support request app, customers can reach you with a touch of a button.

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Once you have created your profile provide the following details: Certifications, Experience, Skills, Personal and Business References, and any additional information necessary for screening.


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Once you’re on the platform you'll be able to log in, accept Remote Support requests, and start earning.


Become a Help Desk Support partner?

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Need a computer?

Don't have a personal computer or laptop to get started. Now, you have options.
Get started providing remote support and earning with an affordable computer or laptop from one of our retail technology partners.(Coming Soon)

About the app Designed just for Help Desk Professionals

Designed by Help Desk Professionals for Help Desk Professionals The HLPDSKS Support platform was created by IT professionals like you.



With the HLPDSKS Platform, you are in the proverbial IT driver's seat.

By completing a set number of support requests, providing exceptional service, and keeping a great star rating, you can earn additional platform benefits and earnings



HLPDSKS is determined to provide Help Desk Professionals and Customers a safe, secure and superior Remote Support experience. To keep to that standard we require all potential partners to meet HLPDSK’s qualification requirements a well as completing a background safety screening.

Now you are ready to join a superior Remote Support experience. Whether you are Remotely Supporting a client from your home office or answering How To’s from your IT Shop,



When you provide Remote Technical support with HLPDSKS, all remote connections are secured and encrypted for you and your customers privacy. Also, all HLPDSKS clients are verified with their personal information and phone number, so you know who you are providing technical support and so will we.


Help Desk Professional storiesIn their words


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Get connected with everything you’ll need to know. Sign up online and get more information about the Help Desk Professional requirements including Prerequisites, Resources, and Perks.


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We want every Remote support request to be frictionless and hassle-free. So, we are here to help with everything from account setup, to customer feedback, ratings and more whenever you need it.