Protecting your businessCommitment to our Help Desk Professional partners

When you partner with us, HLPDSKS maintains insurance on your behalf. Remote support requests are covered from the initial booking to final resolution. We partner with top national insurance companies who specialize in technology support businesses to protect you in the event of an unforeseen issue

Our technology platform enables us to focus on providing our HLPDSKS partners with the tools to better run and manage their technical support business before, during, and after every HLPDSKS Remote Support Session.

Helping to keep you safeSafety features


Keeping an eye for better connections

We recognize that when you open your HLPDSKS Pro app, you’re putting your trust in us.
In effort to provide the best experience to both customers and Help Desk Professionals, we continually monitor and review remote support requests and support request data. This data is used to improve our platforms support processes and procedures while also verifying that all support request connections made between customer and professional are to platforms highest standards.

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Before your Remote Support session

Connecting to your Customers

Verified Customer Profiles

All potential customers must create a HLPDSKS profile and must provide their name, phone number and email address before placing a remote support request. So, when you accept a support request, you’ll always know who you are supporting. And with the customers computer profile, you also be informed on your customers system information and brief support history.
In addition, we are continually analyzing support requests, ratings and feedback to be sure
Help Desk Professional partners always have a safe and enriching platform experience.

Communication Privacy

Here at HLPDSKS, we value privacy and try to do our best to ensure that you and your customers personal information remains private and secure. One way we do this is by utilizing masking technology that anonymizes both the customers and Help Desk Professionals phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. This process ensures you and your customers privacy remains secure and is not violated.

During your Remote support sessionProviding technical support to your customer

Verified customer locations:

We utilize network IP addressing, GPS Geo location technology to verify all customers current support locations. This ensures that the customers computer or laptop is readily available in the correct support location to place remote support requests as well as ensure that the customer is correctly matched with their local Help Desk professional.

Secure Remote support sessions:

Your remote support session with your customer is always encrypted and secure. Our 3rd party remote support software utilizes Strong data and video encryption which includes AES - 256 encryption, TLS data transport encryption and the RTP video and audio transport protocol. This provides a secure connection while also still providing a stabled and optimized remote control session.

After completing your support session

Always improving the HLPDSKS experience

Your feedback matters:

To ensure the support quality of Help Desk Professionals and the support request quality of customers on the HLPDSKS support platform, our rating system is a bi-directional system. This means, Help Desk professionals have the ability to rate every completed remote support session, while the customer have the opportunity to submit a support request rating along with any additional feedback. Ratings are given on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and should always be honest and reflective of the overall support experience

Customer support:

Our customer support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your HLPDKS remote support experience.

""Knowing that I'm helping solve various technical issues for customers that usually don’t have access to a technical support individual, assures me that I'm doing something good."

Christine, Help Desk Professional

There for youSafety never sleeps


Partner Support

Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise.


Rapid response

Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise.

Support safely with Hlpdsks

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