Technical Support at your fingertips

Vetted to provide safe and secure Remote support services. All remote support professionals are insured to provide....


Finally, A Help Desk for everyone

Finally, you have your own personal local Help Desk like you do at work. Easily create a support requests via our website or mobile and have a local fully vetted tech professional remotely solve your technical support issue


Remotely resolving your technical issues

  • Computer Slowness
  • Computer Crashes
  • Missing Computer Updates
  • Hard Drive space issues
  • Internet Browser Slowness
  • Outdated or Unnecessary Applications
  • Missing or Outdated Drivers
  • Backup your personal data
  • Install or update Antivirus Software
  • Remove Malware and Viruses
  • Perform Computer restore (After error)
  • Install Software
  • Install Printer Software / Printer settings
  • Setup Email
  • Training / Tutorials

Provide support when you want,Make what you need

Providing support with HLPDSKS is flexible and rewarding. Help Desk Professionals can grow their business,
diversify their revenue stream, and meet their financial goals.

What Help Desk Professionals are saying?

Use your technology with confidence:Never worry about technology issues again

With your own personal On Demand Help Desk, Help is a few clicks away and right around the corner.