Putting Help Desk Professionals first An experience built around you

You're in control with Hlpdsks. The app for Help Desk Professionals is designed with features that help you decide how, where, and when you earn.

EarningsGet the most out of Providing remote technical support


Follow your earnings
You'll see exact fares after every Support Request and get detailed reports of weekly earnings so you know what you're taking home and when you hit your goals.


Profitable hotspots
Make sure you're in the right place at the right time with a live map showing areas where Request Supportrs need Help Desk Professionals most.


Optimizing the remote support process. With the HLPDSKS Professional app your customers can securely share their Remote Support Request ID and password prior to their booked Remote Support request. This optimizes the remote support workflow while offering a secure way for customers to share their remote support connection details with you.


Money when you need itPayments happen electronically with Hlpdsks. By providing your banking account details, you'll receive payments on a weekly basis. You can access your payment statements at any time by visiting your partner dashboard.

ConvenienceLet the app find the support requests for you

GPS Support Request Dispatching: The support request app makes it easy for customers to place remote support requests, while providingthe Help Desk Professional a streamlined support tool to accept and manage them

Technical Support Notifications: Get notified when to your customers require technical support.

CommunicationFeedback for success


Stay informed
You can easily review customer ratings and feedback so you can always deliver the best HLPDSKS remote support experience.


Customer comments
Use the ratings section to see what customers love about their 5-star support requests. Also, find out why customers gave you a less then perfect rating so you can better provide support and decide how to adjust accordingly.

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