Secure & Safe Support Requests Our Commitment is to our customers:

HLPDSKS and its Help Desk Professional Partners are dedicated to keeping you safe and your technology hassle free and secure.
Our technology platform enables us to focus on customer security and privacy before, during, and after every HLPDSKS Remote Support Session

Before the Help Desk Professional connects

Help Desk Professionals are Vetted and Verified: In order to offer you the best safe and secure remote support experiences, Help Desk Professionals are vetted and verified via our multi-step safety screening. Screenings check, but not limited to confirming to Identity, experience, certifications, technical skills and violations.

Remotely Supported and Always Insured Every time you connect with a Help Desk Professional, your remote support session is fully insured.This guarantees that during the remote support session, both the customer and Help Desk Professional are cared for in the event of an unexpected issue.

Help is just right around the corner: Remote support requests are matched to the most qualified available Help Desk Professional. This means, no matter where you live, there IS a qualified local Help Desk Professional available to assist you with your technical issue.

Always know who’s supporting you: When you’re matched with a Help Desk Professional, you will see their name, photo, company bio, experience, certifications, skills and rating - so you know who’s going to help resolve your technical issue. After your remote support request has been completed, you’re able to directly book your favorite Help Desk Professional* for future support requests.

During your Remote Support SessionSolving your technical support Issue

Safe Remote support connections: Remote Support requests can only be initialed by you the support requester. Once initiated, the remote support session is secured by a personalized ID and randomly generated password that must be provided to the Help Desk Professional prior to any Remote Support Request. Only after you have authorized the Help Desk professional to connect, they can then begin resolving your technical issue.

Secure Remote support sessions: Your remote support session is always private and secure. Our Remote support software utilizes Strong data and video encryption which includes AES - 256 encryption, TLS data transport encryption and the RTP video and audio transport protocol. This provides a secure connection while also preventing eavesdropping and 3rd party recording of confidential interactions between you and the supporting Help Desk Professional

Securely communicate with your Help Desk Professional Once your remote support session has been booked, you can securely communicate with your Help Desk Professional and provide any additional details that may aid them in completing your support request. From your HLPDSKS Support app, just tap on your Help Desk Professionals profile, and tap Call or Message. All communications will be securely masked to protect your privacy.

Location, Location, Location: Customer safety, and service quality are our priorities. We actively log and review IP Address, and GPS Geo location data for all booked remote support requests placed. By doing this, we are able to guarantee that you are always being supported by a local US based Help Desk Professional.

After your completed Help Desk Support session

Always listening to you:

Your feedback matters:After every completed HLPDSKS Support request, you can rate your Help Desk Professional as well as provide any additional feedback about your Remote Support Session. We review all feedback because our goal is to make sure all technical issues has been resolved and every Support Session was a great experience.

Customer support:Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your remote support request.

Rapid response:Our specially-trained incident response teams are available to handle any app or support issues that may arise.

“I work part time in the day, and two children to care for. After I have put them to bed for the evening, I login and take a few support calls to boost my income. It feels good knowing that I can work from home when necessary, and be nearby for my girls.”

Brittany, Help Desk Professional

Customer Testimonials



They diagnosed our computer problem promptly, and helped us load new software on the PC. I was back up and running in less than one hour. Thank you!
Elizabeth J.


Great first-time experience

We have not updated our computer for a while and it began to have issues. We never had an “IT Guy”, so we just lived with it. My coworker mentioned how our Help Desk at work told her about an app to book a tech to help her with her slow laptop. I downloaded the app and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Thanks
Jonathan E.


Breathed new life into my slow laptop

I honestly thought I had to buy a new laptop because of how slow it was loading. Heard about the HLPDSKS app from my younger cousin and gave it a try. Funny thing is that it felt similar to when I booked an UBER. It was pretty straight forward. The tech asked me if it was ok to clear some folders and my recycle bin, ran some other tools and done, good as new.
Mikal H


Feels like an UBER app for tech support

Booked a tech to help me install a new printer I just bought at the mall. Downloaded the software for him to connect and then he took over. Pretty cool. Great Idea!
Richie S.



I always seem to have some sort of problem with my laptop. I can usually get around it, but sometimes it became infuriating. I always wondered why no one ever made a help desk for home. I had one at my job, and they always seemed to fix my problems. It only made sense.
Jean D.


Thanks for the help

I use my computer for personal use as well as for my accounting practice. I am usually good about computer issues. Unfortunately, I got into a bind and needed an issue resolved promptly. I placed a service request and got someone to help around 40 mins later. Thank you!
Jacqueline L.

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what you can do to stay safe while Supporting.

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