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Here is what we can help you with


Desktop / Laptop Support:

  • Initial Setup / Configure
  • Maintenance / Tune Up / Cleanup
  • OS Update
  • Purchase Advisement
  • Wipe / Reload / Refresh Computer
  • Recycle Assistance
  • Training / How To

Software / Application Support:

  • Install / Uninstall / Update
  • Troubleshoot software Issues
  • Purchase Advisement
  • Purchase / Installation
  • Training / How To

Email Support:

  • Setup Email Account
  • Cleanup / Organize Inbox
  • Create Spam Filters
  • Migrate to new email address

Printer / Accessory Support:

  • Install Printer Software
  • Initial Setup / Configure
  • Troubleshoot errors
  • Uninstall Printer Software
  • Purchase Advisement
  • Training / How To
  • Peripheral Support
  • Install Device Software
  • Uninstall Device Software
  • Setup / Configure Device
  • Troubleshoot Device issues

Internet Browser Support:

  • Cleanup / Optimize Browser
  • Backup / Restore Bookmarks
  • Clear Internet Cache
  • Browser Reset
  • Install 3rd Party Internet Browser
  • Update 3rd Party Internet Browser
  • Migrate Bookmarks to new Browser
  • Uninstall 3rd Party Internet Browser

WIFI / Network Support:

  • Install Network Software
  • Update Network Software
  • Secure WIFI Network
  • Troubleshoot Network
  • Purchase Advisement
  • Training / Tutorials:

Virus / Malware Support:

  • Install / Update AV Software
  • Perform Virus Scan
  • Remediate Malware / Viruses
  • Training / How To

External / Cloud Storage Support:

  • Hard Drive Space Optimization
  • Backup to External Hard Drive
  • Backup to Cloud Storage
  • Restore from External Hard Drive
  • Restore from Cloud Storage
  • Backup & Restore to New Computer

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More informationHelp Desk Professional support services

In addition to the services listed above, ask your booked Help Desk Professional about technical support request services that may not be listed but fit under one of our support categories.

Note: Additional Technical Support services may vary per Help Desk Professional

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