Hlpdsks puts transportation at your fingertips. Understanding how and why we use your information should be just as easy. Our Privacy Policy and Privacy FAQs provide the latest information about the data we collect and how we use it. We also want you to know a few more things about our approach to privacy:

Your data works for you

We use your data to provide convenient transportation and delivery options, to help Help Desk Professionals maximize their earnings, and to protect the safety and security of our users. And we don’t rent or sell your data -- to anyone.

Safety first

Your data enables us to determine the safest pick-ups and drop-offs, deter unsafe Supporting habits, help you avoid accident-prone roads, and to develop new features to get where you’re going, safe and sound.

Privacy means security

When you use our services, you trust us with your data. We work around the clock to protect your data from fraud, abuse, and unauthorized access.

You are in control

Through the settings in the Hlpdsks app or on your device, you can choose when to share your location, sync your contacts and calendar, personalize your app, and even delete your account.

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