About us

About Us

Passionate about helping others

Our passion for the IT Support Industry come from 20 + years of IT Consulting, Help Desk Support, Desktop support and Help Desk management experience.

That experience helped us to identify and address the pain points of residential customers, including the lack of access to quality remote technical support. By addressing these pain points were able to also help IT Professional by providing them a mobile technical support platform to access potential new customers while helping to boost and diversify their businesses revenue.

We have developed a technical support platform which improves, simplifies, automates, and streamlines both the customers technical support request and the Help Desk Professional assignment process from directly within our app.

Connecting Customers to solutions:

In addition to providing the ability for Customers to book / schedule support requests through the mobile support request app or Online, we are working one improving your experience even further.

Our commitment to our customers:

At HLPDSKS we are dedicated to provide a secure support environment while maintaining a premium level of service and support for all of our customers. We know how challenging it can be to keep up with your computer’s various issues, errors, updates, and patches while still trying to somehow maintain and use it for your daily tasks. That’s why we aim to be your go-to experts, so you don’t have to!

Our commitment to the Help Desk Professionals:

We developed the HLPDSKS Support platform with the Help Desk Professional in mind.

With a multitude of technical support applications, support software fragmentation, and the lack of interest for the residential technical support market, technicians did not have access to a centralized tool which help to manage and boost their business.